Top Qualities of Lawyers

Lawyers are important people because they offer us with legal advice and represent us in court. It is always important to get a good lawyer especially if you want to have a favorable outcome of your court case.

If you are striving to be a lawyer in the future, then there are specific skills that you will have to acquire or develop over time. This article looks at some of the top qualities of the lawyers.

Communication Skills

One of the top qualities that the lawyers should have is an excellent communication skill. A lawyer must have excellent written communication skills and must be articulate. Since a lawyer will spend most of his time defending his clients in court, he must be in a position to clearly state his points.

Public speaking skills are thus essential since he will spend most of his time addressing the judges and juries. Lawyers must also be in a position to write concisely and persuasively. They must be in a place to come up with different legal documents.  The comprehension skills also need to be great since he will need to read and understand the different excerpts of the law.


A good lawyer should be in a position to make logical and reasonable assumptions or conclusion based on the information that he has been provided with. He should be able to look at the judgment critically and poke holes in areas that he regards to have some weaknesses as far as the case is concerned.

He is supposed to quickly identify the weak points in the statements of the opposing lawyer. He should also be decisive since there is no sitting on the fence when it comes to the interpretation and application of the law.

Analytical Skills

Lawyers are usually required to absorb large contents of information. At times they may be needed to analyze a significant content of materials within a short period.

A good lawyer should be able to distill the information provided into something that is logical and manageable. The tremendous analytical skills will help a lawyer to come up with a reasonable assumption or judgment.

Research Skills

The lawyers should have excellent research skills since they may be required to dig up information to defend their clients. They may be required to read books, the constitution, watch television, and even browse the internet.

The lawyer should be in a position to analyze the relevant information that is needed and come up with something that will be of value to the case at hand.